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Which Dress Code To Choose And What To Wear

Your wedding dress code should reflect all aspects of your wedding day. Your dress code should mirror your personality, the season and the location. Most importantly, your wedding dress code should allow you to wear something that is comfortable and special. Discover the different options below and learn which dress code suits your dream wedding.



Black tie is your chance to wear your most formal and elegant outfit. The black Tie dress code works with many different types of weddings. Your wedding could be in a church, or in a more open setting, such as a beautiful garden or the beach. Many different locations can suit Black Tie attire. 

Request this dress code if you have always dreamed of a Black Tie wedding. Choose Black Tie if your location or family tradition calls for it, or if you simply love the elegance of a tailored tuxedo. Embrace the timelessness of Black Tie and enjoy wearing a stunning tuxedo on your wedding day.



Formal and Black Tie Optional are more open versions of the Black Tie dress code. Black Tie Optional allows you to wear a tuxedo if you choose but a sharp dark suit is also appropriate. Black Tie Optional gives you more freedom to add colour and textures to your look or to switch up your outfit throughout the day. 

Black Tie Optional suits indoor weddings in churches or other historical buildings.  Black Tie Optional also works in more open settings such as a garden or a winery. This dress code is versatile, encouraging a more relaxed take on formal attire.


The Cocktail dress code is open and free, while still requiring a sharp outfit. Cocktail asks for a dark suit, dress shirt and tie as standard for men. Cocktail attire can be suits in colours such as dark green or browns or something more traditional such as classic navy or charcoal grey.

Consider the Cocktail dress code for settings such as farms, wineries or the beach. Simply pair a dark wool suit with a crisp white dress shirt. Add a pocket square and a plain tie, in tones that fit within the colour palette of the day.


Smart Casual and Semi-Formal dress codes do not require a suit. However, Smart casual still means effort should be made to look well put together. Smart Casual dress codes suit smaller-scale weddings in locations such as a beach, a garden or a farm and can help encourage a more open and festive atmosphere.


When creating your smart casual wedding outfit, consider tailored separates. Suit separates such as casual blazers and chinos ensure you stand out as the groom while still remaining casual. Enjoy mixing colours and textures within your look.


Black Tie dress codes will always be formal, regardless of the location. A Beach formal or beach black tie dress code allows you to style formal garments in more creative ways. Consider a white linen dinner jacket combined with a pair of black linen trousers. Or, a simple black tuxedo, but in a fabric that has an interesting texture.

This dress code is ideal for destination beach weddings and formal waterside occasions. This dress code comes with less of an expectation than traditional black tie and encourages more creativity and self-expression.


Beach Semi-Formal and Beach Smart-Casual ask you to dress up but in a way that suits the location. Beach smart casual means casual suits, blazers and button-up shirts. These garments can be in light colours and fabrics such as linen and cotton. 

Beach semi-formal and beach smart-casual work for locations overlooking a magnificent view of the ocean. They require effort to be made, but also encourage comfort and a reflection of the setting.


Beach-Casual and Resort dress codes ask for a relaxed yet elegant outfit. Beach casual means shirts and relaxed trousers in linen and cotton. Beach casual also asks for neutral colours like oatmeal and beige, that suit the location.

Beach formal encourages creativity and comfort. This however does not mean T-shirts and shorts. Beach casual and resort dress codes are ideal for occasions set directly on the beach. Beach casual plays into the vibe of the location and reflects a more relaxed style.


White asks for long tailcoats, top hats and gloves. White Tie is extremely formal and extravagant. A White Tie dress code will usually be difficult to adhere to, so we do not advise it.

Black Tie limits you to the fewest options, making the choice more simple. Smart-casual has the most scope for variety and the least expectation of a specific outfit, relieving some pressure.

Morning suits were historically worn during very formal daytime ceremonies. They feature a tailcoat, waistcoat and trousers and are worn with a top hat, cane and tie. As with white-tie, morning attire can be difficult so we do not recommend it.

Wearing a tuxedo is an amazing way to distinguish yourself as the groom. If you choose a formal, black-tie optional or a semi-formal dress code then your guests have the freedom to wear a tuxedo if they choose, but it is not required.

It is not essential, but to help you prepare correctly, we advise some sort of dress code.  This is to help you and your guests prepare correctly and not have to worry about being over or under-dressed

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