Custom Workwear and Suits
Custom Workwear and Suits
Custom Workwear and Suits

Tailored Business Suits

BELANCĒ offers various lines of business suits, overcoats and shirts made from 100% natural fibres for comfort and longevity

Your custom business suit and shirts will be made in your preferred fabric choice based on your measurements, posture and desired fit. Every step is guided by one of our stylist and designers.

Our made-to-measure experience is effortless from start to finish, it begins with a simple conversation in person or over the phone, please book a free consultation and start your journey with us. 

A symbol of success, confidence and class, a man in a well-made business suit stands out from the crowd. Not only are custom-made business suits transformative — accentuating your best features, broadening your shoulders and trimming your waist — they also send a subliminal message to clients, employees and colleagues about the importance you place on the finer things in life, attention to detail and self-care.

Recognised by GQ, D’MARGE, Man of Many and other brands as one of the best tailors in Sydney, BELANCĒ creates custom business suits, overcoats and shirts made from 100% natural fibres for comfort and longevity. From initial discussions around your ideal business suit designs through to the measurement process and the delivery of your final tailored business suits, we offer a completely bespoke experience for each of our customers.

The best natural fabrics for everyday comfort

Made specifically to be worn every day, we understand that tailor-made business suits need to be both comfortable and long-lasting. With a selection of premium cotton, linen and wool from some of the best mills in the world, you can rest assured that your BELANCĒ made-to-measure business suit will be breathable and durable for a lifetime of sophistication and style at work.

The decision to have your business suits custom made is not only one that supports a more comfortable and perfect fit but is also a more sustainable and environmentally-conscious choice. By investing in made-to-order pieces that are handcrafted with longevity in mind, you are choosing sustainability over fast-fashion, store-bought suits that need to be replaced every year or so. BELANCĒ custom-made business suits are so much more than just well-made, quality pieces, they’re a lifetime investment in comfort and the world around us.

Creating your custom business suits

Balance, simplicity and sustainability are our three core values at BELANCĒ, and every tailored business suit we create is made with them in mind. Whether you’re looking for custom-made business suits, memorable evening wear, casual weekend suits or custom overcoats, our team will work with you to craft an outfit that reflects your unique personality and ideal design.

From discussions around your envisioned suit to choosing your preferred fabric, the in-depth measurement process based on your body, posture and desired fit and finally the creation of your business suits, every tailoring step is done with the utmost expertise and attention to detail.

Book an appointment for custom business suits in Sydney

Get in touch online to book an in-store or phone call consultation with a member of our team today. From pricing to personal requirements and design ideas, we will get all the information we need to create high-quality tailor-made business suits that exceed your expectations. The beginning of a lifetime of comfort and class starts with BELANCĒ made-to-measure business suits.

Pricing Guide

Custom Workwear and Suits
Custom Workwear and Suits
Custom Workwear and Suits
Custom Workwear and Suits
Custom Workwear and Suits


While the cost of a tailored business suit depends on various factors, it is mainly the cost of your fabrics chosen that will determine the price. For more information, please visit our pricing page where you can get a better idea of the price of handcrafted, high-quality custom business suits or by reaching out to our team online to discuss your requirements and budget.

Yes. Not only saving you money in the long-term but also more comfortable, perfectly fitted to your unique body and crafted to suit your taste, a well-made tailored business suit is a worthy investment. Particularly for those who wear suits every day, custom business suits from BELANCĒ are made from the finest fabrics to ensure all-day comfort and breathability while you make deals, meet customers and work with colleagues.

Depending on the complexity of your design and the exclusivity and availability of your chosen fabrics, the time to create a custom business suit will vary. At BELANCĒ, we can create a high-quality custom business suit to your specifications and unique requirements in 4 to 6 weeks.

Known for our high-quality custom suits pieces from only the finest natural fabrics from across the world, our Boutique is located in Paddington and ranked one of the top tailors of custom business suits in Sydney. From discussing your envisioned design to choosing the right fabric, a bespoke measurement process and the crafting of your suits, every step in our tailoring experience is unparalleled anywhere else. To find out more about how we can bring your vision to life, book a consultation today.

We believe that the best material for a men’s custom business suit is the material that only works to bring your envisioned tailored business suit to life but is also natural, breathable and of the highest quality. With a range of premium wool, cotton and linen, at BELANCĒ Boutique, we only select top quality materials from across the world — ensuring our customers get long-lasting and comfortable tailor-made business suits that exceed their expectations.

The best colour for tailor-made business suits depends on a variety of factors including your personal preference, the industry you work in, the impression you want to make and the current trends. While black and grey make are popular choices, many overlook the style and sophistication of colours such as navy and subtle prints such as a classic pinstripe. 

Based on your personal taste and preferences, our team at BELANCĒ Boutique will work with you to create high-quality made to measure business suits in the best colour, fabric and fit for your specific shape, style and vision.



Depending on the fabric availability of your order, please allow 3-4 weeks for it to be made and shipped.

If you’ve ordered a Gift Card, your order will be shipped within 24 hours with Australia Post Express.

If you’ve ordered with us before and we have your measurements on file, simply place the order online. We will contact you within 24 hours to confirm your order. There is no need to book an appointment.

If we haven’t taken your measurements, you can choose to order one of our sizes (when available) or book an appointment with one of our team to take your measurements. 

Each item is carefully made one at a time. Kindly note that we don’t accept returns or refunds for change of mind or fitting issues. If you’re unsure about the fit or have changed measurements since your last order, please contact us to discuss or book an appointment to have your measurements taken in-store. 

Read more on Shipping & Returns.

We ship worldwide using Fedex or DHL and in Australia with Australia Post. Each order is first carefully checked in our Sydney studio before being sent. A tracking number will be provided upon shipment. 

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