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Black Tie Tuxedo
Black Tie Wedding Attire

Credit: Ripple Weddings

The Black Tie dress code asks for the most elegant suit a man can wear, the tuxedo. Wearing a tailored Tuxedo on your wedding day is an unforgettable experience and will add to the magic of the moment.

Learn what to consider when choosing a Black Tie dress code below. Discover how to put together the Black Tie outfit of your dreams.

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The Black Tie dress code became popular during the 19th Century. Black tie was the easier, more comfortable version of the White Tie dress code. White Tie, which was the standard for formal events, required a long tailcoat and ceremonial accessories. Black Tie asked for shorter  ‘dinner’ jackets and less accessories making outfits easier to put together. Black Tie is used today for formal events such as gala balls, premieres, awards nights and of course, weddings.

History of Black Tie Attire
Black Tie Explained


The modern Black Tie dress code requires a tuxedo be worn by men. A tuxedo or “Dinner Suit” is a suit that has silk-satin on areas such as the lapel, pockets and buttons. This added detailing makes a tuxedo instantly more formal than a standard suit. The Tuxedo or Dinner Suit is essential for men’s black tie attire. A tuxedo should be combined with a tuxedo shirt, formal shoes and a bow tie.

Black Tie Wedding Attire

Photo: Hunter Manuel


Nothing adds a sense of formality like a Black Tie Dress Code. Black Tie allows you to wear a formal outfit that is slick and steeped in history. Wearing a Black Tie Tuxedo means knowing you look your absolute best on your wedding day. 

The Black Tie dress code is perfectly suited to a church or heritage building wedding. Settings such as a church  reflect the tradition and ceremonial nature of Black Tie. The Black Tie dress code is also versatile enough for more open locations. Black Tie works in  wineries, farms, gardens and even beach settings, if interpreted correctly. 

Black Tie Wedding Attire

Credit: Matt Godkin


Key components of Black Tie Attire

Black Tie Wedding Tuxedo

Credit: Matt Godkin


The Pinnacle of Menswear

The Tuxedo is the starting point for your Black Tie Wedding Outfit. Most tuxedos have Silk satin details throughout. Silk satin can be  on the lapel, pockets, buttons, waistband or trouser side seam. Details such as a peak lapel, single front button and slim pockets make the tuxedo instantly more elegant than the standard suit.

Your tuxedo should fit in a timeless and comfortable way. It should hug the body, without constricting at all, and enhance your natural proportions.

Most of the time, the colour of your tuxedo should be black or midnight blue. Most tuxedos are made in wool, silk or a blend of the two. Consider linen or a blend of linen and silk for a more contemporary look or if your Black Tie wedding is set in a garden or on the beach. 


The backdrop to your tuxedo

The tuxedo shirt is the most formal of dress shirts. It features collar styles that include wingtip and spread collars. Tuxedo shirts will either have buttons that are covered on the front or feature stud buttons. Tuxedo shirts can display a textured bib or added pleats on the front. Tuxedo shirts will often come with French cuffs, designed to be worn with cuff links.

The best colour for your tuxedo shirt will usually be white.  black or grey can work as alternative tuxedo shirt colours. Your tuxedo shirt fabric should be a thick cotton. Your tuxedo shirt should be slim, while ensuring you have enough room to be comfortable on the day.

Black Tie Navy Tuxedo

Credit: Image Haus

Black Tie Wedding Attire

Credit: Morgan Roberts


Essential Additions

A bow tie is essential for Black Tie Attire. A black bow tie in 100% silk is best, however a velvet bow tie can also work. A well made bow tie can add great depth and interest to your look.

Cufflinks are another key accessory to your Tuxedo look. Cufflinks are a tasteful way of adding some hardware to your look. Wedding cufflinks can feature sentimental accents such as initials or your family crest.

Your Black Tie wedding footwear should be elegant and sophisticated. Dress shoes in shiny patent leather can elevate your look. Shoes in standard leather also work well, but in both cases, keep them black. Loafer styles can be nice, however a lace up style is usually your safest option. Check out our full article on Black Tie Footwear below.



Get inspired by previous BELANCĒ Grooms


Black Tie Wedding Attire
Black Tie Wedding Attire

Steven worked with us to design his Black Tie wedding look. Steven’s outfit featured an Ivory jacket in 100% Linen. The heavy fabric used for this jacket gave it a great shape and worked beautifully with his black wool trousers and white tuxedo shirt. 


Black Tie Wedding Attire
Black Tie Wedding Attire

Keeland decided on a classic tuxedo look for his Black Tie wedding. Keeland’s outfit featured a shawl lapel jacket with tasteful silk satin details. Keeland’s tuxedo was cut from 100% Australian Merino wool. Keeland combined his custom tuxedo with a white tuxedo shirt, black silk bow tie and white pocket square. His wedding was held in a beautiful heritage building. 


Black Tie Wedding Attire
Black Tie Wedding Attire

Phil’s wedding was a formal, waterside event. This setting asked for a unique take on the black tie dress code. We decided on a three piece look that featured a Silk Velvet jacket. Phil’s velvet jacket was combined with a black wool waistcoat, tailored trousers and a white dress shirt with Silk bow tie. 


Black Tie Wedding Attire
Black Tie Wedding Attire

Timothy worked decided on an elegant double breasted tuxedo for his wedding. Timothy chose a luxurious fabric blended with wool, silk & linen. Timothy also opted for a classic wingtip collar to take the formality up a notch. The wingtip collar combined beautifully with a black silk bow tie.


A wedding tuxedo must fit perfectly. A custom tuxedo should also be designed with expert guidance. Going custom for your wedding day allows you to have a more personalized design and ensure your garments fit precisely to your body shape.

A waistcoat is perfectly acceptable within black tie. Adding a waistcoat increases the formality of your outfit. Be considerate with your styling and keep the rest of your outfit toned down to balance your look. 

There is no rule that states you can’t wear your wedding suit again. If you do, try to incorporate some new accessories or a different shirt to make the look appear different. If you want to wear your tuxedo casually, try combining your trousers with a T-shirt or your jacket with some light jeans.

The sophistication of your look is lost when you add a clip-on or pre-tied bow tie. These types of bow ties have a less elegant shape. Clip-on bow ties also lack the unique personality of a self-tie version and are also usually made from cheap synthetic fabrics. We recommend investing in a self-tie bowtie for your wedding.

Black Tie Wedding Attire
Black Tie Wedding Attire

Credit: Matt Godkin

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