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BT: You have established yourself as one of the go-to wedding photographers in Sydney, despite it being a highly competitive field. Can you pinpoint what your edge might be?

HL: I make people feel comfortable, they can relax because they know they’re in good hands. I think my backbone of 15 years of fashion photography has definitely helped. I‘ve learned how to get the most out of every situation, figuring out the angles that are right for the bride and groom, and I preempt where to be to get the images I want. All of it happens easily as it’s really second nature now.

Shooting fashion is actually quite intense, as everything on set is changeable. As a director, I need to decide on so many elements, not just the photography. The options are endless. Whereas, in a wedding, […] I’m able to focus on the moments that matter most. The stuff that can be easily missed.

BT: You’re tasked with capturing the feeling of what will likely be one of the most important days in a couple’s life. There’s obviously a lot of responsibility here. With that in mind, what are the key things a couple should look for when hiring a photographer?

HL: One good photo is easy. So I would say it’s good for couples to view a whole gallery from a few weddings before booking their photographer. 

Meet your photographer, see how you vibe with them, as they will be by your side the whole day. 

Don’t get caught up on price. An extra fee is quickly forgotten but a missed moment never is. You want to hire a team that’s totally engaged. I recommend you speak to recent brides & grooms too, even message them on instagram – ask about their experiences.

BT: Since most of our readers are men, what are some tips you can give to future grooms on their wedding photoshoot? 

HL: Enjoy the shoot, relish your bride, focus on her and love her during the shoot. The rest is up to your photographer!

BT: Coming from a Fashion Photography background what drew you to Wedding Photography?

The craving to shoot more liberated realism drew me into weddings. With fashion photography we are constantly creating scenarios that are not necessarily real. (Like two models who have never met being shot as husband and wife for a day. It’s fun creating, but after shooting fashion for 15 years, it also opens the door to wanting some polarity & micro-complexity in my work.
With weddings, things move very quickly, you are on your toes, and you need to rely on yourself to get the shot. You set the pace. That’s liberating as you can move quick, change an angle or lighting decision mid frame without consulting anyone, and the bride trusts.
It’s magic.
Having that total creative freedom, and moving like water around a rock, means the results of your own efforts are obvious and right in front of you. If you are off your game for a moment and miss something magical – you feel it, a missed moment. I have a drive to get those real genuine heartfelt moments. I always refer to it as going hunting for the shot, as you never know when it might be on a wedding.
BT: How have you grown your business since inception, and what does the future look like for ImageHaus?
HL: ImageHaus is now nearly 9 years old, and I used to do it ALL myself, ALL of it. But I did write up a style guide for all shooters and editors to follow pretty early on so we could expand rapidly. It was only 5 years ago that I implemented a full CRM system for bookings and finally hired a full-time manager to manage a lot of what I was doing. 
In terms of advertising, I used Instagram as my main vehicle, and just consistently posted the best images from each wedding. We don’t post every wedding we shoot, but I still do all my socials, as I love that side of things. I love brand building and story. For the future, we as a company just started a new venture, ‘ImageHaus Europe’, where we trained teams in Europe in our style and approach as the cost to travel has risen and we are always booked in Australia year around. So that venture could be amazing, we are building it currently as well as expanding and training new teams in Australia.
BT: You have young children and most weddings are on the weekend. You could be shooting every single weekend. How do you balance this and family commitments?
HL: I raised my prices to personally shoot weddings when the girls came into this world. I have 2 girls (6 & 4). I  Also have a few businesses I focus on and this way I can focus on where I’m most needed or wanted. It then means I might personally shoot less weddings but then our team normally takes the price related bookings. I don’t want to be shooting 2-3 weddings every single weekend anymore so raising pricing worked for that, and allowed having some weekends with my family. 

BT: What is the best way of hiring you?

HL: Through the contact form on our website www.Imagehausweddings.com



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