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the white suit

Wedding White Suit

A favourite of ours for the Summer'21 season, the tailored white suit is an amazing choice for beach weddings and summer events. Relaxed yet elegant, a white suit always makes a statement and will never go out of style.

What fabric should I make my white suit? Linen, cotton or wool?

The most important choice when purchasing a tailor made white suit is the fabric. Some options will reflect the vibe of your wedding better than others so it’s essential that you choose a fabric that suits your event. Learn about the different options below.

White linen will be the most breathable option for a summer wedding or event. It also has a natural sparkle that catches the light beautifully and the subtle creasing that comes with this fabric can help take the formal edge away from the look.

Cotton fabrics are also very breathable, and can be woven very tightly, forming dense weaves that have no risk of being see-through or transparent. Cotton fabrics are also stiff and rigid, lending themselves well to evening wear and structured garments.

Wool is the most traditional option and will make the suit more formal through its smooth drape, surface shine and durability. Wool also breathes well and is a great option for all year round, however it’s important to ensure that the fabric is heavy, as thin white wools can occasionally appear translucent – talk to us about how to avoid this.

Our favourite white suit fabric choices for this season include an Ivory 3-Ply heavy linen from Solbiati’s Art Du Lin bunch which offers the supreme breathability of linen, with a soft touch and smooth finish. We also love a wool and cotton blended fabric from Loro Piana which possesses an amazing texture and softness, as well as our bright white and heavilly textured cotton and silk blend from Lanificio Cerruti.

White linen tuxedo jacket

Made to Measure White Suit

Balancing the tones

A white suit pairs well with almost all colours and skin types as it is a neutral tone. It is important however to ensure that the shade of your white suit reflects the occasion appropriately. A version designed for a summer wedding can have more texture and a hue that leans more in to a bone or beige. A suit designed for a traditional church wedding, or when just a jacket will be white with contrasting trousers and accessories, may be more of a brighter white to play in to the formality of the event and the contrast already created within your look.

The tone and finish of the white fabric you choose is extremely important not only to ensure a beutiful result, but also to reflect the dress code and vibe you are working within. Ensure you trust your tailor and talk to us about how to best choose the tone of your custom white suit


White cotton wool silk jacket

Best White Suit

Perfecting the design

The design of your white suit is where you can most effectively reflect the occassion it is being used for. A white linen fabric, normally considered casual, can be made into a tuxedo while a slick, smooth wool can be used in a casual suit and so on. 

Formal types of jacket lapel such as a shawl or peak lapel, combined with a low buttoning point can instantly make your outfit a tuxedo, appropriate for a traditional wedding. In the same way a notch lapel – typically seen on casual jackets – combined with patch pockets can turn your white suit in to one that is appropriate for a beach or more relaxed wedding.

It’s essential that you work with a brand when creating your custom white suit that pays attention to detail when working within a certain dress code. you don’t need to know exactly how to choose every detail of your suit, just how formal you want it to be and the impact you want it to have, an experienced tailor can take of the rest.

Double Breasted White Suit
Double Breasted White Suit
White Suit Jacket


Visit us in store to experience the elegance of the the white suit for yourself. Try on our samples, talk to us about the setting and vibe of your special day, and let us create a stunning custom outfit just for you, sustainably and with love. Click the link below to book your obligation-free consultation.

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