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BELANCĒ Invites, Roman Longginou

On the 24th of March, in collaboration with Jerico Contemporary, we opened the doors of Casa Belancē to the art world, showcasing the beautiful works of emerging Australian artist, Roman Longginou. Longginou creates large-scale highly detailed artworks using charcoal and paper as his preferred medium. The exhibition showcased Longginou’s latest body of work titled “The Hypokritēs”. Taking inspiration from Longginou’s own Greek heritage, the title comes from the greek word hypokrites which means ‘an actor’ or ‘stage player’. However, the body of work greatly reflects the compound of the word. Hypokrites is made up of two Greek words that when translated means “an interpreter from underneath”. The exhibition explores sartorial motifs in relation to masculine tropes and illusionary instances of pretence.

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