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Groom Wedding Suit Pose
Groom Wedding Suit Pose

Photo Credit: Matt Godkin

Nothing captures the emotion of a wedding like a perfect photograph. During the biggest day of your life, it may not be the first thing on your mind, but photographs and the moments captured within them will last for decades to come. Our expert wedding team has compiled some advice to help you look your absolute best on your most special day.

A picture-perfect wedding suit should compliment the vibe of the wedding, the personality of the groom, the location, and most importantly what your partner is wearing.

The location and style of the wedding will dictate which designs are most appropriate. For example a formal church wedding may require a tuxedo, while a beach wedding will allow for more casual pieces. Consider the climate of the location, as by understanding this, your fabric options can be more refined.

Most importantly your suit should reflect your partner’s outfit. During consultations, our team of designers will discuss your fiance’s look in detail and view photos to ensure the options offered work perfectly together. 


To create the smooth, flat and natural look that we aim for in a wedding suit, a quality fabric must be chosen. Higher end fabrics will hang from the body more elegantly and don’t contain synthetic fibres. Allow us to suggest the most luxurious options within your budget to ensure natural elegance on the day.
Groom Wedding Suit Pose


Confident poses and staying in the moment is the key to getting great photos. Remember to relax and whenever possible, hold your arms by your side and let them fall naturally. Don’t practice posing too much before your big day as this can cause you to overthink it in the moment instead of embracing the magic of the occasion, just let it happen.


During group photos when you have your arms around your partner, keep your arms low around their waist, not up and over their shoulders. Avoid reaching behind with your hands while standing as this can cause pulling at the front of the jacket. Also try to avoid having your hands in front as this can purvey a closed-off, less confident attitude in photos.


During shots in transition, for example the bride and groom walking towards the camera accompanied by the bridal party, slow down the pace and ensure a slow stroll as opposed to a quick walk to allow the clothing to hang more smoothly and create a more natural look.

Groom Wedding Suit Pose

Photo Credit: Morgan Roberts

Groom Wedding Suit Pose


Allocate the role of stylist to one of your groomsmen or guests on the day. Ask a trusted friend to keep an eye on areas of your outfit that are subject to moving out of place. Ask them to fix your sleeves if they are bunching up, straighten your tie if it is misaligned or let you know if your hair needs a comb. 


If you have insecurities about certain angles or lightings, let your photographer know and they will happily work around them. This is a much better way to go than attempting to hide or cover things during photos and looking nervous in your photos.


Consider a second shirt for the day that you can easily swap into if your shirt becomes sweaty, stained or wrinkly. A stained shirt can not only ruin your photos, it can impact your confidence and ability to enjoy the day.

Countryside Wedding Suits

Photo Credit: Image Haus

Groom Wedding Suit Pose

Credit: Morgan Roberts

At the final fitting, all our wedding customers receive a complimentary coaching session with a trained photographer, to help you get comfortable in front of the camera and understand how to pose on the day. We will show you in person how to stand and pose while trying on your outfit to make sure you are comfortable and ready for the big day.

Groom Wedding Suit Pose
Groom Wedding Suit Pose
Groom Wedding Suit Pose
How to pose in wedding suit

Our team of experts are here to help you through every step of the journey, making sure you look your absolute best for your wedding day.

Talk to us about your upcoming wedding and we will design the perfect wedding outfit.

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For more useful tips and styling secrets for your upcoming wedding, download our wedding guide below.

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